Zoonotic Covid origins are falling apart


World Affairs

6/23/2021, 7:25:35 PM

You heard all 2020 about the bat 🦇 soups from the Huanan wet market. that had kicked off the COVID-19 and followed political Super Bowl of lies.

As we pointed out early in 2020, clinically Sarscov2 manifested as a most likely engineered chimeric virus combining qualities of number Of mutations/progenitors from multiple sources based on covid clinical picture.


The analysis of recovered sequences conducted by Jesse Bloom had finally proved the hypothesis of a single-source wet market outbreak circulating all 2020 as a leading official zoonotic theory implausible.

Per Bloom lab, Both progenitors suggest #SARSCoV2 was circulating in Wuhan before December outbreak at Huanan Seafood Market, which is corroborated by lots of other evidence.

everyone agrees deep ancestors are coronaviruses from bats. But early Huanan Seafood Market #SARSCoV2 viruses are more different from bat coronaviruses than #SARSCoV2 viruses collected later in China and even other countries

With arguments and accusations of systemic racism against Chinese virologists erupting in the twittersphere after suggestion of deleted datasets, The question should be WHERE IS the early relevant US/EU/non Wuhan Sarscov2 sequence data shared and collected and why no one is talking and investigating this crucial fact. The US government and intelligence community was aware of Sarscov2 at latest in September 2019 and kept the public in the darkness for over 6 months while we discussed epidemic risks in 2019.