What’s next for Ukraine the west and Russia


Future Files

2/16/2022, 5:12:05 PM

As noted, Russia never had intention to “invade” Ukraine despite empty threats and promises reaching peak this week. Putin reiterated Moscow is ready for additional security talks with UnitedStates and NATO, & that theDonbas conflict should primarily be resolved by enacting the Minsk agreements.

What’s ahead? After the US state department, the UK and US intel community made a joke out of themselves yesterday with calls for now notorious “ Russian invasion” that never be over last 3 months, Russia plans to acknowledge and will ask for Donbass and LPR independence international recognition as soon as next week-march leading to next phase of more serious tensions and open kinetic conflict this spring. The west is likely to respond with more support for western Ukraine, false flag nordstream sanctions and possibly allow Kiev into the NATO. At he same time, Kiev has no appetite for conflict with Russia now with guarantees from the WH and NATO and asks the west to tamper its “invasion” rhetoric .subscribe @futurenewsprinme for more details and on timing via PayPal, cash app, Venmo