What's in the Build Back Better Act framework


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11/7/2021, 7:36:16 AM

What’s in the build better act....

Mainly nonsense fat. At least 1.2 trillion of it... The largest scam 👇 Fighting climate change “Combating climate change and slowing the rate at which Earth warms” price tag.... $555 billion

Next large scam Child care and universal pre-K includes $400 billion for child care and preschool through programs funded for six years. In addition to expanding access to universal preschool for all 3- and 4-year-olds, Each of two above c should get max 100B each.

Medicare expansion This heavily debated provision would expand Medicare to cover hearing services, but the framework eliminated a proposal for Medicare to also include dental and vision benefits, a key priority for Senator Bernie Sanders. Manchin believes the program's solvency should be addressed before it is expanded.

$150 billion to build or improve more than 1 million new affording housing units and help with rental and down payment assistance.

The proposal also includes an additional $100 billion to reform the nation's immigration system. Will be removed

Extended child tax credit cost 100-150B

at most 300-500B may get passed

JM 11/9/2021, 5:42:39 AM

Affordable housing…the biggest scam