What’s happening in Ukraine


Future Files

5/25/2022, 3:35:52 AM

The the UKUS& the nato are running out of the low morale Ukrainian troops who refuse to follow from their own words “criminal orders” and to serve as a cannon fodder in the new world order chessboard restructuring with only ~40% or 40k of its military left. Most are untrained unequipped unpaid untreated abandoned & prefer to desert or surrender than continuing senseless war for the Kyiv’s regime parading virtually around the David world economic forum , Hollywood, Cannes, the US congress, European Parliaments swimming in the Ukrainian peoples blood and billions from the recent land lease act selling out the remains of western Ukraine

Critical battle in Mariupol against highly trained and equipped neonazi Ukrainian armed forces and azov battalion decorated in satanic and Nazi symbolism has ended in their surrender last weekend after 2 months in the basements of Azovstal. .

Now Poland is pretty much taking over from Lviv to Kyiv only to get destroyed after yesterdays Polish Duda’s hugs with zelensky at the verkhovna rada while only the NATO troops are left to fight the WW3 from this summer to the bitter nuclear finale& war tribunals for committed war crimes against humanity.