What’s behind Reported “evil putins plans to annex large swaths of southern and eastern Ukraine”,


World Affairs

7/22/2022, 12:22:24 AM

The Russian foreign minister Lavrov explained that the expansion of the geography of the special operation in Ukraine beyond the borders of the DPR and LPR is on the table and promised that the tasks will be moved further from the current line as the West supplies more long-range weapons to Kyiv. More weapons send means more territory will need defense.

So far the Us and the EU/NATO block delivered over 35 B in in lethal weapons and aid Last but not the least the US overthrew duly elected government in Kyiv in 2014, installed puppet regime and supported extermination of people of Donbas in eastern Ukraine psince 2014 as the The Us congress had introduced the Ukraine lend lease act on JANUARY 19 2022 targeting to overtake Ukraine https://unmuteit.com/articles/the-us-congress-had-introduced-the-ukraine-lend-lease-act-on-january-19-2022-targeting-to-overtake-ukraine BEFORE Russia responded to the Donetsk and Luhansk republics calls for military assistance A MONTH later on February 24 2022.