What the FDA vaccine panel really said about boosters



10/23/2021, 10:30:24 PM

The ACIP voted this week after the Food and Drug Administration announced Wednesday that it had authorized the Moderna and J&J booster doses and that heterologous boosting(using a different booster dose than the one’s primary series) would be allowed.

The FDA committee didn’t find satisfying provided data on 10/14/2021justifying boosters for majority of population and was rather forced to . Absence of risk benefit studies studies were also noted and will become a focus at the upcoming next meeting for age 5-12 COVID-19 vaccine review.

Politically motivated Push by the CDC for boosters every 6 months supports expectations of rapidly waning efficacy and vaccine induced immunity, short durability as the CDC director Walensky who had OVERRULED the FDA committee decision TO NOT RECOMMEND boosters for people 18 to 64 whose jobs or living arrangements place them at higher risk of catching Covid. global governments and its agents including the CDC‘s denial of the superior more comprehensive and durable natural immunity propelled by uneducated politicians violating human rights and imposing absurd rules are at the crux of forming suppression denying individuals who are fully protected post infection from work and studies as antibody testing is limited prohibited by the CDC since spring 2021 Anti scientific politically motivated official uniform vaccine mandates policy likewise ignoring natural immunity and intentionally disregarding risks and variability of results across population