Week 6/13/2022


Future Files

6/18/2022, 6:33:58 AM

The US and iNATO allies are starting the long-range artillery and rocket systems deliveries to Ukraine escalating war with Russia with retaliation from this summer.

Global central banks raise rates exacerbating recession. “World’s Central Banks Got It Wrong, and Economies Pay the Price - Bloomberg

*More than 50 central banks around the world have raised interest rates by at least a half point in one go this year

the Equity markets and crypto decline. A crypto top was noted in our by subscription account last November https://twitter.com/futurenews2020/status/1484792826692976640?s=21&t=9VszXC_SjdIvGMqOoCbZqQhttps://twitter.com/futurenews2020/status/1460904810039836676?s=21&t=9VszXC_SjdIvGMqOoCbZqQ https://unmuteit.com/articles/crypto-crash-erases-more-than-dollar1-trillion-in-market-value As of 6/17/2022 BTC $20420 ETH $1070 with anticipated further declines below 20k& $1000 respectively this US MAY INDEX OF LEADING ECONOMIC INDICATORS FALLS 0.4% and has now contracted for three consecutive months, which hasn’t happened since the COVID recession

US MAY INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTION RISES 0.2% M/M; EST. 0.4% +1.4% in prior month (revised up from +1.1%) … manufacturing activity fell -0.1% vs. +0.3% est +0.8% in prior month

Diverging signals in inventory components as Philadelphia fed data slipped into contractionary territory while NewYorkFed PMI bounced for June

new orders dropped sharply to -12.4, prices edged lower, inventories contracted, delivery times fell

Outlook for unfilled orders component at Philadelphia fed fell deeper into contractionary territory Energy sector continues to trade at quite a significant discount relative to S&P 500

Vaccinated and boosted Fauci and the HHS sec becerra had tested positive for Covid