Week 6/13/2022


Future Files

6/18/2022, 6:33:58 AM

The US and iNATO allies are starting the long-range artillery and rocket systems deliveries to Ukraine escalating war with Russia with retaliation from this summer.

Global central banks raise rates exacerbating recession. โ€œWorldโ€™s Central Banks Got It Wrong, and Economies Pay the Price - Bloomberg

*More than 50 central banks around the world have raised interest rates by at least a half point in one go this year

the Equity markets and crypto decline. A crypto top was noted in our by subscription account last November https://twitter.com/futurenews2020/status/1484792826692976640?s=21&t=9VszXC_SjdIvGMqOoCbZqQhttps://twitter.com/futurenews2020/status/1460904810039836676?s=21&t=9VszXC_SjdIvGMqOoCbZqQ https://unmuteit.com/articles/crypto-crash-erases-more-than-dollar1-trillion-in-market-value As of 6/17/2022 BTC $20420 ETH $1070 with anticipated further declines below 20k& $1000 respectively this US MAY INDEX OF LEADING ECONOMIC INDICATORS FALLS 0.4% and has now contracted for three consecutive months, which hasnโ€™t happened since the COVID recession

US MAY INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTION RISES 0.2% M/M; EST. 0.4% +1.4% in prior month (revised up from +1.1%) โ€ฆ manufacturing activity fell -0.1% vs. +0.3% est +0.8% in prior month

Diverging signals in inventory components as Philadelphia fed data slipped into contractionary territory while NewYorkFed PMI bounced for June

new orders dropped sharply to -12.4, prices edged lower, inventories contracted, delivery times fell

Outlook for unfilled orders component at Philadelphia fed fell deeper into contractionary territory Energy sector continues to trade at quite a significant discount relative to S&P 500

Vaccinated and boosted Fauci and the HHS sec becerra had tested positive for Covid