Vaccine cult and exploitation of public health emergency powers



4/11/2021, 8:51:00 AM

Over 70 M of Americans got vaccinated by experimental mRNA vaccines without any liability as of April 10,2021 while severe disease and deaths count didn’t rise over .3% last 12 months. new variants vaccine escape render vaccines and vaccine passports useless. the WH indicated there are no plans to impose vaccine passports, but a flip flop a la “ if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” is expected.

Latest studies indicate significant reduction in vaccine efficacy for new circulating variants of concern escaping vaccines due to antigenic evolution while the CDC doesn’t collect more than 1.6% of variant genome data. Widely advertised vaccine efficacy and durability vs older variants is in jeopardy if sequencing data would show predominantly new variants in circulation. the T cell immunity may not be S spike specific but rather cross reactive from previous natural infection immune response.

It is still worth to watch Deaths in Unspecified symptoms, abnormal findings category data that sharply rose 3-5folds since December 2020 when vaccinations began from 500-800/week through 2020 to over 3000/week in December &remain elevated In Q1 2021 near term risks we discussed in 2020 After first wave of adverse effects affecting platelets, coagulation disorders, clotting, capillary leak, cns, immune system, Repeated exogenous viral mRNA&modified nucleosides and lipid nanoparticles exposure poses additional cytotoxic risks for CNs (myocardium, blood& immune system cells) with 24-36month possible delay in immunosuppression, potential cell differentiation and gene regulation disruption