The US covid related fatalities are higher due to Delta variant in 2021 than before vaccinations began



8/18/2021, 3:36:35 AM

While the delta variant conquers the world, as of today august 16 2021, there are near record number of Sarscov2 delta cases and deaths over 1300 deaths and over 176k daily cases registered in the US. New data emerged in July that the Delta variant is more infectious and was leading to more severe diseases with increased transmissibility when compared to other variants

Nearly 200million Americans had received at least 1 dose of vaccine, 168 M are fully vaccinated in the US or 70% of US adults but the 2021 covid fatalities are already passing the 2020 total of the 300k covid related deaths with over 300k deaths by August 2021 with another 4.5 months to go where we may see another 300-400k covid deaths in the US or double the 2020 covid fatalities BEFORE vaccinations began and potentially reaching 600-700 k! in 2021 with majority vaccinated and under the Bidens administration oversight

So far, Sarscov2 S spike in delta variant has accumulated mutations T19R, G142D, E156G, F157-R158 deletion, L452R, T478K, D614G, P681R, and D950 If you wondered what’s different and makes Delta so virulent and transmissible, One of the mutation of interest likely responsible for its increased transmissibility is P681R located at a furin cleavage site (PRRAR S) absent in other group 2B coronaviruses . P681R obtained enhanced replication via the cleavage of the full-length spike to S1 and S 2.

In light of location of current P681R mutation at the furin site, it is worth to note furin cleavage site inclusion in moderna and Pfizer vaccines’ Sarscov2 mRNA s spike sequence that may have applied positive selective pressure and played a role in developing this mutation exacerbating covid death toll with growing evidence of strengthening viral fitness , climbing fitness peak, lower vaccine efficacy against new mutations due to viral escape and potential loss of protection very soon despite boosters abs a potential appearance of extremely virulent supervariant as soon as this fall/winter 2022