The NSC released an updated global COVID-19 Framework


World Affairs

9/18/2022, 8:30:14 PM

The NSC( NATIONAL SECURITY COUNCIL) released an updated global COVID-19 Framework

The US focuses on three objectives:

  1. Accelerate sustained access to Covid vaccine that the Us government holds series of patents to coronavirus vaccines developed by the NIH& NIAID scientists in 2016-2017 Shortly after the Us government obtained coronavirus vaccine patents, the government had lifted the gain of function ban on SARSCOV and MERS viruses in 2017

The patents fight is still on between the NIH and Moderna.

Integration into routine immunization schedule and health system is one of the goal of the government limiting freedoms in 2020-2022 and imposing unnecessary vaccines and boosters as employment conditions leading to many losing jobs despite low efficacy and absence of long term safety studies for mRNA platform

  1. Scale and integrate more testing and routine use of often high toxicity antiviral drugs

  2. Strengthening “the global health security architecture” to future pandemic threats via “the WHO and the wider UN system”