The NATO-US escalation in Ukraine near the Russia borders 1/29/2022


World Affairs

1/29/2022, 5:40:13 PM

The sec state Blinken tweeted “The United States and our @NATO Allies and partners are united across the board in our commitment to Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity – and Kyiv's right to choose its own security arrangements and alliances” clearly pushing Kiev to initiate Donbass and Crimea invasion with the US and the NATO backing.

After claims of “imminent invasion” over last 3 months and the NATO eastward expansion, bringing troops and supplying lethal weapons to Ukraine and escalation in Kiev, the United States with NATO allies demand Russian President Vladimir Putin to de-escalate Russian defense of its territory. The U.S. defense leaders said during a Pentagon news conference today "We placed thousands of U.S. troops on 'prepare-to-deploy' orders earlier this week," he said. "If NATO activates its response forces, these troops will be ready to go." Both Austin and Milley said the 8,500 U.S. troops have not been ordered to go anywhere, yet. The troops will be part of the NATO Response Force if that unit is activated. The Ukrainian military has about 150,000 active-duty troops and a larger number of reservists

The Russian military presence is defensive in response to provocations and didn’t significantly change on its territories compared to previous years. NO invasion is planned as Russia requested the NATO removal from proximity to its borders due to the NATO, it’s allies and the US troops build up near Eastern Ukraine, Belarus, Baltic’s states and near its borders.

Interesting development continues with Zelensky moving away from activating offensive on Donbass and synchronization in action. Ukraine/Zelensky complain about being cut out of the decision making process by the WH while the WH appears to push forward with the “invasion” and war narrative as Biden called the Russian “invasion” virtually imminent after their call this week while Zelensky described that nothing serious is
imminent( possibly hesitating to begin a provocation and a strike on donbass) but asked for 5B in economic aid.

Putin may meet with President Zelensky potentially in Beijing during the Winter Olympics.

In the meantime, the majority of local population had evacuated from large cities in Ukraine and the streets are empty in anticipation of escalation.

Austin and Milley emphasized the United States' commitments to NATO allies and in opposition to Russian actions as the United States has committed more than $2.7 billion in security assistance to Ukraine since 2014.

At the same time, Ukraine is not the only point of destabilization as numerous serious clashes are taking place in central Asian states Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan and recent coup attempt in Kazakhstan bordering Russia.

The military conflict is escalating over 2022 despite false statements made to choose diplomacy with the NATO eastward expansion to the Russian borders and likely provocations as soon as next week growing through February 3-10 and this spring and unfolding in a full blown military conflict by March may. Chemical weapons and misled use provocation along with numerous lethal weapons deployed by the US and the NATO.

At the end of the day, this is one earth 🌍 🌎 and no one benefits from a global war while the Russian response to the NATO/US attacks on Donbass/LDR Crimea and border territories is underestimated and likely would not even target former territory like Ukraine but where the riders to strike come from