The nato EU Russia talks


World Affairs

1/13/2022, 8:23:54 AM

Stoltenberg:The NATO–Russia Council had a serious exchange on Russia's military build-up in & around Ukraine & implications for European security. NATO Allies & Russia agreed to explore a schedule of future meetings. Allies are ready to table proposals & seek constructive outcomes. Sherman: Together, NATO Allies expressed our concerns about Russia’s military build-up on Ukraine’s borders and its continued pattern of aggression. More actions are needed to de-escalate tensions, and discussions will continue at the @OSCE in Vienna

German Defence minister Lambrecht says we should not draw a link between Nord Stream 2 and the differences with Russia over Ukraine

UK Foreign Secretary after NATO-Russia Council: "The quagmire of a long-running conflict would cost lives & damage both sides. Only way forward is for Russia to de-escalate & engage in meaningful discussions

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko: “If NATO moves on to a policy of containment, then from our side there will be a policy of counter-containment. If the approach will be intimidation, we will pursue counter-intimidation