The Kyiv regime killed over 14 thousand of children and civilians in Donbass & eastern Ukraine since 2014


World Affairs

5/13/2022, 7:33:33 PM

The war against Donetsk and Luhansk republics who declared their independence in 2014 after a coup in Kyiv organized by the US under the Obama-Biden administration in early 2014 is One of the major hidden from the public knowledge war crime where over 14 thousands children and civilians were bombed, shelled, shot, tortured and executed by the Ukrainian government with the US backing since 2014. As soon as Biden returns to the White House in 2021, The US, responsible for the coup in Kyiv in 2014, began its work on the Ukraine land lease act in 2021 BEFORE Russia decided to acknowledge the Donetsk and Luhansks independence in February 2022 and began its operation to stop the Ukrainian war crimes that took place there since 2014.

the US and the EU governments run inflation in double digits due to combination of most damaging policies adding 22 T debt over last 15 years, disrupting energy and other supply chains, robbing their own taxpayers as they send billions to fund corrupt war criminals of the Kyiv government, armed forces and neonazi groups like Azov, Aidar and right sector in Ukraine that killed thousands of civilians in Donetsk and Luhansk since 2014

Clip from Donbass (English subtitles) - Documentary by French journalist Anne-Laure Bonnel - 8 Years of War The documentary, titled "Donbass," was filmed in 2015.