The global war against Russia is quickly moving to next hot phase


Future Files

4/8/2022, 7:10:30 PM

the Slovak government provides an S-300 air defense system to Ukraine. Over 200switchblade drones are delivered to Ukraine with billions in aid and lethal arms flowing to Ukraine. U.S. will reposition Patriot missile system, manned by our service members, to Slovakia. EC PRES. VON DER LEYEN says “THE EU WILL EXPEDITE UKRAINE'S ACCESSION TO THE EU” and brings the next global war phase closer than ever. The US defense misnomer reiterated U.S. support, including through the recently announced $100m in security assistance and discussed the needs of Ukraine’s military and efforts to coordinate with Allies & partners.. the Ukrainian forces are caught on tape in discussing who to shoot in Bucha on April 2 as the EU , the US , the UN ignore the Ukrainian troops war crimes killing over 14k in Donbas since 2014