The CDC director is unaware of vaccine intake at the CDC/NIH



11/8/2021, 5:16:35 PM

Did you know who are real “ stupid science and vaccine deniers” according to the White House ? The NIH and the CDC staff...with majority still working remotely and oh god, UNVAXXED 😱 At the same time, the government , the CDc, the HHS had talked into naive citizens or forced vaccines on hundreds of millions of Americans as majority of the CDC&NIH staff are correctly blowing it off Last week senator Cassidy confronted Walensky at the senate hearing . who is NOT AWARE of percentage of vaccine intake in her agency where the people are denied education and work all over the country due to policies coming from the agency under her “ leadership” At the same time , Walensky can’t say why CDC hasn’t conducted field study of natural immunity. “If we don’t know natural immunity confers protection…it’s because we’ve decided not to look…why have we not done the research showing natural immunity confers protection?”

Profiteering and mandating by the government that owns patents of coronavirus vaccines pushed on millions of people who are not scientists is unconstitutional and criminal.

JM 11/9/2021, 5:41:48 AM

She is disgustingly evil