The Biden -Putin summit in Geneva 6/16/2021 and the new Axis Alliance


World Affairs

6/16/2021, 2:22:59 AM

One of the main topics on agenda at the Geneva summit 6/16 will be defining the US and Russia’s extent of involvement and rules of engagement in the energy rich independent Donbas backed by Putin and Russia while the US&nato support Ukraine that claims independent Donbas as its territory. Russia has no plans to abandon support to predominantly ethnically Russian Donbas where numerous war crimes against humanity took place since 2014 initiated by Obama and then Vice President Biden administration. Donbas has a potential to get annexed by Russia while Ukraine is about to join the NATO later this year. As we noted over a few years, the global war is unavoidable over next few years and have a potential to begin within next 12 months between the the newly formed Axis and allies ( the US, ironically Japan, Germany&NATO against Russia and China with extraordinary losses in the next 5 years. Regrettably, the US Nato summit 2021 had sealed this alliance misdirected goals as the US& nato leadership are vastly not representative of its people’s will while filling the role of the 1930-1940s Germany&axis and allies with identical to 1945 but potentially more destructive and instant outcomes with higher losses