Tensions around Ukraine continues to escalate


Future Files

2/12/2022, 4:55:23 PM

Russia continues to emphasize the western alliance eastward expansion to its borders against previous agreements and escalation around artificial “imminent Russian invasion”and the NATO presence in and around Ukraine. Important to keep in mind, Russia has no plans for “ invasion” and all latest positioning is purely defensive against NATO eastward expansion.

The Russia MID tweets “On February 12, a telephone conversation took place between Sergey Lavrov and @SecBlinken .

The minister stressed that the propaganda campaign launched by the United States and its allies about “Russian aggression” against Ukraine pursues provocative goals.”

Blinken in his turn tweets Spoke with @TrussLiz today and appreciate her strong coordination with the U.S., Allies, and partners to deter Russia’s escalation against Ukraine. The U.S. and UK are in lock-step to ensure Russia will face severe costs if it further invades Ukraine”

Biden and Putin are schedule to have a call today. As we previously discussed Russia has no plans to “invade” already invaded by the NATO Ukraine but numerous provocations are highly likely. Possibilities of strikes on at first donbass near the Russian borders and Likely later Crimea takeover by the US led NATO are stretching from now February 11 into march9-11- may9 2022. but likely negotiations to continue a few more days when Chemical attacks are possible along with strikes 💥💣 The real world war triggers for Russia are the NATO /US/UK provocation with attempts to “return” Crimea to Ukraine and potential Ukraine membership to the NATO . Putin noted at the meeting with Macron and likely to reiterate it in todays talk with Biden that these two items (Crimea “ return” to Ukraine is off the table and Ukraine’s NATO membership)are guarantees for disaster and will assure the US and the nato block involvement in potential nuclear war destruction