Summer 2022 outlook


Future Files

6/18/2022, 4:10:57 PM

As the western pundits including Kissinger present detente after predictable Puppet Kyiv’s defeat in eastern Ukraine to the Donetsk and Luhansk republics with Russia’s assistance as a temporary face saving strategy for the west, attempts to destroy Russia are not ending here. The world is moving to even more dangerous phase of the war discussed since 2018

Brief outline for summer: a few themes stand out with further geopolitical destabilization, next phase of the us/the UK/nato war after the US led coup in Kyiv in 2014 against Russia succeeding in assisting securing the Donetsk and Luhansk republics independence 8 years after the Minsk protocol failure, as political turmoil and military conflict this summer intensify : 1/spike in natural disasters floods storms crashes 🌋 solar flare, EMP💥🔥strikes&industrial and transportation accidents intensify 6/20-25-7/9 2/ the us/Uk deliver and encourage Ukraine to use of long range missiles ( long range missiles would aim at Russia) what they promised not to deliver just a week ago the war. This in its turn of course lead to Russian retaliation escalating war and ⬆️losses after Russia's victory and the nato and Kyiv’s defeat in donbass over next 2 months from next week 6/20-26-28 July 7/2-9-23-28-august 8/10-23-26 (we may see chemical&even nuclear wmd use after the nato missiles on Russia as soon as 6/20-27.