Sarscov2 winners


World Affairs

6/4/2021, 7:07:35 PM

Since the first reports of novel pneumonia (COVID-19) in Wuhan, Hubei province, China1, there has been considerable discussion on the origin of the causative virus, SARS-CoV-2. Over 2020, two theories had circulated with the mainstream zoonotic natural origins from the Huanan wet market near the WIV and the suppressed as crazy conspiracy theory suggesting its engineered nature. It’s important to look at the bigger picture where and what moment in history the Sarscov2 emerged. It's summer 2019. The US financial system is proving to be insolvent, the MMT camp explains that we can print infinitely forever to cover ever growing deficits with the Us debt reaching over 22 T, Accusations against China of trade abuses are heating up while the democrats in the US are under pressure to win the upcoming 2020 elections. As Fall 2019 is now close, the Sarscov2 is released, a liquidity crisis is unfolding with China threatening to dump Us treasuries in retaliation, the Fed introduces rate cuts and reverse repos that are not enough to save the insolvent system. There are now widely known reports that the NIH and the NIAID under Fauci had restarted funding coronavirus gain of function research in july 2019 conducted not just at the WIV but in the US via eco health alliance and had tested Moderna mRNA covid vaccines in 2019 before any traces of Sarscov2 were identified in January 2020. At the same time the Berkeley' prof. Doudna who developed the CRISPR method had received the Nobel prize in 2020 as it had played crucial role in gene and synthetic protein manipulation over the last few years allowing seamless gene and molecular splicing leaving little to no identifiable traces. As we know Sarscov2 has a unique furin site cleavage site responsible to gain of function or enhanced transmission in humans. Evolutionary genomic data is inconclusive as the event zero wasn’t reported while Moderna under the NIH and the NIAID protection had silently worked and tested covid mRNA Vaccines in 2019. Neither the NIAID not NIH or moderna or the UNC had warned the public about Sarscov2 enhanced human to human transmissibility and risks of coming pandemic while being completely aware of it since they conducted experimental gain of function work and creating coronavirus mRNA vaccines before in 2019 and after China had posted first OFFICIAL sarscov2 sequence on January 10 2020. Instead of stopping the spread they kept silent and got praised for “miraculous” warp development speed” while transmission and epidemic status was denied until its vaccines were ready for clinical testing. The only solution to this crisis became lockdowns preventing voting access for many and conveniently ready for the 2020 elections experimental mrna vaccines without sufficient long term safety data, a potential for gene regulation, claimed to be safe by politicians who have no knowledge or background to understand even how they exist,

As we discussed in 2020 mRNA vaccines risks and time had proven, the mRNA vaccines have low efficacy due to Sarscov2 mutability and adaptability, alter cell and immune system defences destroying natural immunity with and produce dismissed and diminished by authorities numerous adverse events including deaths, breakthrough infections( that agencies refuse to register as of may 2021) and potential gene regulatory and suppression implications. The case and death toll in the US and around the world remains at higher levels than in 2020. It’s summer and the US continues to print 2000-3000 covid deaths a week despite vaccinations in the seasonally lowest period for covid. Another statistics numbers that spiked 6 fold since vaccination got introduced is in the so called unspecified symptoms column per CDC mortality data that went from 500-600 deaths a week in 2020 to steady over 3000 deaths a week or over 12000-14000 deaths a month ! from December 2020- January 2021 and counting.

The accidental WIV lab leak theory investigation is suddenly in vogue as the system became even more insolvent due to printed trillion dollar stimulus packages as the state of affairs has deteriorated. Could a lab leak be the case? Possibly. Red flags for this option? It’s politically and financially beneficial for the west to have China responsible for its failures. As we know trillions in rescue were needed through 2019 when trump had failed the trade war when the sarscov 2 was released. Developing and having ready and testing mRNA COVID vaccine in the US labs in 2019 is another red flag. Proving and deciding whether there was an intent behind the Sarscov2 release or it was an accident will be framed according to the political and financial interests agenda but eventually will be proven, but at the moment proving without consequences for anyone attempting it is impossible.

Another important takeaway in unfolding Sarscov2 origins and lab leak theories narratives renewal is the absolute silence about the US bio labs role that have ability and did perform seamless untraceable genetic engineering work with coronavirus and other biomaterials for a long time. Lab mistakes, safety violations and near-miss incidents have occurred in biological laboratories coast to coast in the US in recent years, putting scientists and the public at risk are not uncommon. Oversight of biological research labs remains fragmented and often secretive. There is no publicly available list of these labs, and the scope of their research and safety records are largely unknown to those few charged with responding to disease outbreak.

What if Political regime changes and trillions in rescue for financial and banking sector are the telltale signs behind Sarscov2 appearance and its spread? Is nature extremely cooperative and accommodating in sudden mutations increasing transmission and pathogen release allowing trillion dollar rescue packages when liquidity crisis hits in 2019, lockdowns and voting rules change ahead of the crucial 2020 election are needed at the same time putting responsibility in extremely convenient location in China near the WIV known for long standing work with coronavirus as China and the CcP are announced as apparent global competitor?

Is the CCP and China at fault? At the very least, they did not give early warnings with cases growing in the fall 2019 and let it out of the country. Given the nature of engineered enhanced viral epidemics, most of the steps make it impossible to contain epidemics in an open borders world with millions of travelers around the world. Fast forward to spring 2021. The Biden administration had set in the White House after turbulent elections where voting rules had been changed, accusation of domestic terrorism after the events of January 6 that once again helped the Biden administration to continue to suppress public, raise billions for barb wire fence and troops around D.C. apparently against all public considered as enemies of the state but open the national borders for illegal entry. In the meantime, the government and the Fed are crying a river over the created wealth gap claiming that only more stimulus printing oriented on climate change agenda, critical race theory, loss of liberties and vaccines can solve the problem. To conclude, public suppression by the state are clear now in 2021. What remains outside of discussion scope and almost nonexistent is WHO GAINED from the pandemic while longer term severe infringement on citizens rights and liberties with lockdowns, inability to question inconsistencies in the narrative, masks mandate distraction that became a political statement and demands violating the Nuremberg code with involuntary mass vaccination of low efficacy experimental untested vaccines including children whose risks are negligible from Sarscov2 are thriving. IS it the CCP or the global financial system? On the surface, the CCP and its Wuhan institute of virology (WIV) appear as an easy pandemic source target. Could the pandemic begin with an intentional engineered virus release that is not a mere accidental lab leak at the Hianan wet market? Yes, it could. the question remains WHO could have done it and who gained from it the most. Did the CCP win anything from sarscov2 epidemic other than bad publicity? The answer is no. No change in leadership or rescue packages issued took place in China unlike in the US. the US and the west had to gain ability to change Voting rules allowing mail in ballots and post election date ballot submission, new political ruling party in DC and the White House and Trillions in potentially infinite aid and an excuse for printing for an insolvent system and having someone else to blame for its failures. Sounds like we have a winner. The system had gained the most over the people and liberties who the state operative FAUCI OPENLY acknowledges in his testimonies that doesn't quite frankly care. The losses are on the publics side with freedoms suppression and gains with widest ever wealth gap created are on the financial and political system, its entities and operatives around the world with trillions in rescue they needed all 2019 before the pandemic and now received at the public expense.