SARSCov2 never sleeps


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6/15/2021, 12:59:51 AM

SARScov2 continues its march across the globe at least one more year while vaccines are low efficacy against new variants, high risk for adverse effects such embolism & cytotoxic effects on heart, immune system with immuno suppression, CNS and blood cells and more importantly contribute to cellular disruption and gene instability particularly among young under 30 population and will not only always remain behind Sarscov2 new mutations but also contribute to its mutability and adaptability and associated fatalities and health deterioration. The US has reached full 2020 330k covid deaths in just first 5 months of 2021. It is projected to reach at least 600k covid related fatalities in 2021 due to new variants effects in the second half 2021.

Reported declines in the Us covid mortality are seasonal and predominantly due to post infection acquired immunity but still on par to June 2020 with 3000-4000 deaths per month despite mass vaccination. Sharp increases in unspecified deaths category are from 500-600 deaths per week to over 3000 every week are observed since vaccinations got introduced in December 2020 with 12-13k monthly losses. Given the current dynamics, Vaccine adverse effects fatalities may overtake covid deaths this summer. Deaths among vaccinated with breakthrough infections hospitalizations are steadily doubling every month per CDC data.

Natural post infection immunity is dominant and working as well as vaccine based one while numerous anticipated mRNA vaccines adverse reactions noted in 2020 gain momentum and something to watch for as losses and longer term effects are likely to rise As of June 2021, Severe disease stands at .05 % probability for under 55 age group with main risks for 3% in over 55 group.

As noted, new variants present challenges due to viral escape. We are still in the very early stages of potential spread of B1617 and other new variants around the world amidst reopening with expected next large covid variants wave exceeding previous ones from this fall September October next 12 months . We anticipate further lockdowns and a potential global war to unfold this fall winter 2022

Mutations at the RBD proteins ⬇️ efficacy for monoclonal antibody approach&any vaccine development inappropriately promoted by the agencies&all interested parties. Variety of studies were written on inefficient approaches for covid vaccines due to rapid adaptability&mutability