Sarscov2 mutability challenges vaccine efforts



4/18/2021, 11:03:40 PM

Last week NIAID's Fauci testified in the house that public health emergency overrides liberties or freedoms with only way out of lockdown as the only metric via mass vaccination by experimental mRNA sarscov2 vaccines that are under emergency authorization and liability protection at this time. At least half of adult Americans who dutifully vaccinated believed it is their way out of lockdowns found themselves in the same place where they began, in quarantines&lockdowns wearing masks without recommendation or particular advantage for travel while emerging variants are ravaging all over the world. Why? Surprisingly, the CDC and Fauci are correct on that risks from emerging variants are high but the problem arises from overall inability to front run mutations, les than 1% risks of severe disease due to pre existing immunity from previous infections and knowledge by officials like Fauci about sarscov mutability and its escape from vaccine. Latest data indicate short durability and antigenic evolution in emergent variants and low efficacy due or viral escape from vaccines with significant 6-7 fold reduction in neutralization or complete viral escape by new variants B1351 P1 &other evolving variants involving major RBD epitopes (class 1, K417N and F456A; class 2, E484P and E484K; class 3, G446V and L452R; class 4, P384R). among these mutations, K417N, L452R, and E484K present in emerging viral lineages. Long term complications remain as an even more concerning issue, We noted mutability as a general challenge for vaccination efforts going forward last spring along with near term adverse events concerning clotting/embolism/coagulation issues involving platelet pathology over a year now since sarscov2 appeared on the world stage that none of the experts or agencies warned about.

Vaccine durability appears to be just 2-3 months producing another risk of excessive repeated exposure to mRNA products while gene regulation disruption risks presented for all vaccinated over 50% but sarscov2 severe disease risks are less than 0.5% of the population.

After first wave of adverse effects affecting platelets, cns, immune system,Repeated exogenous viral mRNA&modified nucleosides exposure poses additional cytotoxic(myocardium,cns, blood& immune system cells) risks w/24-36m delay in potential cell differentiation disruption