Risk of Dirty bomb use in Ukraine


World Affairs

10/25/2022, 4:10:38 AM

Ukraine's Zelensky called on NATO to launch "preemptive strikes" against Russia to "eliminate the possibility" of a Russian nuclear strike a few weeks ago on 10/5. the Ukrainian and variety of joint international forces were lately losing momentum and briefly gained territories. New information appears about the Ukrainian forces preparation for radioactive and chemical attacks in line with planned provocation using a "dirty bomb" explosion in order to accuse Russia of using tactical nuclear weapons. One of the prime locations for provocation is the Pridniprovskyi Chemical Plant in central Ukraine in Kamianske, Zhovti Vody ("Yellow Waters"), Kamianske Raion, Dnipropetrovsk Oblast north of Krivoy Rih,Formerly a center for the extraction and processing of uranium ore, that was shut down 30 years ago&the most radioactive place in europe and still stores millions of tonnes of radioactive waste. the Army’s 101st Airborne Division are deployed to Europe for the first time since the last World War 2 . Risk of serious escalation, strikes in this area are extremely elevated over next few weeks 11/8-12/29 with spillover into the NaTO block in 2023( further timing will be discussed at @futureHQ on twitter .