rising possibilities of a fitter recombinant variant with increased pathogenicity becoming dominant in the next few weeks by march 2022


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12/17/2021, 7:20:09 PM

Pandemic-prone RNA viruses like SARS pose a global health threat as an antigenic shift results in new viral variants emerging around the globe.

One year after the coronavirus vaccines created and patented in 2016/2017 by the NIH and the NIAID scientists received the FDA emergency use authorization in december 2020, hundreds of millions in the US and around the world got misled on vaccines efficacy and safety as they anxiously rushed into heavily promoted by paid but uneducated "luminaries" from Hollywood to DC, talk shows hosts. actors, musicians, politicians, MBAs, lawyers to the national security council and advisors ``miraculous panacea" of novel mRNA vaccines that never got long term studies on mass scale and without understanding risks or how it works.at the backdrop of stunned medical and scientific communities silence. Since early 2020 only a few preselected NIAID/NIH and the FDA officials,the NIAID Fauci " the science", the NIH director Francis Collins, who lifted the SARS gain of function research ban in 2017 soon after the coronavirus vaccine patent applications got filed in 2016 and 2017, the NIH and the NIAID had received patents and transferred them to the US government by late 2019 before the pandemic announcements, are allowed to speak. https://twitter.com/FUTURENEWS2020/status/1454957509182066688

A year later into the vaccination campaigns and 235 million vaccinated just in the US, the breakthrough cases requiring hospitalization and treatment and SARSCoV2 related deaths had doubled in 2021 compared to 2020 with majority of those who ended up vaccinating feeling they had been cheated and coerced to take something that doesn't protect them just to continue with their regular activities, education and work.

What we might expect from omicron

SARS CoV2 quickly evolves under immense pressures in the mass vaccination context from late 2020 in a diverse population. https://www.unmuteit.com/articles/new-covid-wave-probability-is-rising-and-other-forecasts

Nevertheless, It is very likely SARSCOV2 progenitors and older variants including Omicron evolved with an alternative animal species like civets or ferrets after amino acid substitution gain of function work. Sarscov2 will continue developing under selective pressures to reoptimize binding to human binding receptors and evasion from antibodies.

Omicron is vaccine and monoclonal antibodies resistant while boosters push overstimulated immune system both T and B cells to non responsive refractory state and at higher probability to increase risks of autoimmune diseases and epitope mutations.

Highest risks presented due to most likely probability of more virulent recombinant form emergence due to co circulation with virulent delta sub variants and more T cell receptor and epitope mutations and damages.

There are already two distinct Omicron lineages found in early December so far with rising possibilities of a fitter recombinant variant with increased pathogenicity becoming dominant in the next few weeks by march 2022. Under high selective pressures and in the environment of ongoing co-circulation of highly transmissible and infective competing variants such as delta sub lineages and omicron, their recombination risks become very plausible in a matter of weeks.

Main risk comes from use of mRNA products/vaccines and boosters inappropriately if not criminally mandated to the public by the variety of officials agencies,the CDC with different outcome, politicians daily once again without consideration for risks for diverse genetic groups, different genotypes or phenotypes, underlying conditions and in its turn contributing to its viral fitness and antigenic evolution, as new mutations emerge disrupting cellular processes, altering and weakening immune response leading to autoimmune disorders and immunodeficiencies. https://twitter.com/FUTURENEWS2020/status/1341864361527132160

An effective immune response to the vaccine leads to the generation of neutralizing antibodies that are able to prevent viral entry but as predicted Omicron has shown reduced binding ability to the ACE RBD, evades vaccine induced antibodies and is totally or significantly resistant to neutralization by vaccines with negligible neutralizing antibodies titers and all mAbs tested due to accumulate new mutations. Sera from Pfizer or AstraZeneca vaccine recipients, sampled 5 months after complete vaccination, barely inhibited Omicron.Administration of a booster Pfizer dose had shown to be 5 to 31 fold lower against Omicron than against Delta,

While antibodies are only one part of the immune defense system, T cell maturation its response quality and binding affinity are more important in many cases than mere quantity though studies suggest that even CD8+ count is diminished and CD4 T cell count and activation varies while the emergence of corresponding antibodies, if any, is short-lived.. The failure of repeat vaccinations via boosters to induce CD4 T cell activation is not uncommon. Additionally, T cell receptor (TCR) revision is known often to induce autoantibodies leading to altered autoimmune response. In general, significant variations of the antibody titers elicited by the vaccine are common with impaired poor antibody induction and affinity in case of boosters use in repeated vaccinations, but again omicron variant had shown to be vaccine resistant emphasizing booster approach weakness. Repeated immunization also often causes systemic autoimmunity in otherwise not prone to spontaneous autoimmune disease population.

From the last 2 weeks data, Omicron has shown increased incidence among vaccinated and presents further danger to previously vaccinated with developing vaccine and monoclonal antibodies resistance, vaccine induced autoimmune disorders and immunosuppression due to T and B cell receptor epitopes mutations and T cell refractory state after repeated booster immunizations. Again, recommended boosters and vaccination are expected to exacerbate the severity of new waves of infections and concurrent immunopathologies.

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