Recent escalation near the Belarus 🇧🇾-Poland and Russian-Ukraine-Donbas borders


Future Files

11/12/2021, 6:15:05 PM

What’s behind recent escalation near the Russian-Ukraine-Donbas borders? Turkish drones Bayraktar TB2

Turkey as the NATO ally is a key in this conflict after recent Turkish Bayraktar TB2 drones sale to Kiev planning its use in the Donbas and eventual invasion to the Donbas and Luhansk. Ambassador to Turkey, VasylBodnar has said "it's a matter of months, not years" before
full-scale production and use of Bayraktar TB2 drones will start in eastern Ukraine against independent Donbas. Very likely escalation from 11/19-12/1-12/18 into 2022 1/10-5/9/2022

Proposed by the west “imminent Russian invasion to Ukraine” is another misinformation tactic as Russia mobilized its troops to ended its borders in response to recent developments with Turkey’s drone sales and the US and NATO fleet and spy planes increased presence in the Black sea bear Crimea and near the Belarus-Poland border.

The orchestrated NATO involvement is likely to lead to a global military conflict including the Europe spreading through turkey to the MiddleEast and Belarus to Russia & potentially initial or simultaneous escalation in e Asia , China, Taiwan Japan, North Korea from as soon as this December-January 2022. The east front should be looked by Russia as well and in fact is a more likely point of attacks with the the AUKUS Japan presence near Taiwan in the South China Sea.