Q42022 outlook


Future Files

9/15/2022, 7:11:19 AM

It has been a while since we had time to share more risk assessments &outlooks for upcoming months after risks for further escalation, attacks on nuclear ☢️ plant targets intensify in Ukraine, political departures with the queen Elizabeth II and assassination attempts outlined in june-august forecasts.

next week continue intense streak 🔥☄️Deadly quake risk is ⬆️now 9/15-19-21 10/6-8 10/12-15 November 11/9-13&followed by more calamities next 6 months trikes💥, false flags, terror acts, while the world is moving towards more disastrous global war, supply systemic credit destruction in 2023&beyond , Global destabilization with leadership, political departures, the us midterms loss for the Ds, impeachments over next 6 months. War escalation with very short lived “success” by predominantly foreign mercenaries/aka undercover nato troops in Ukraine due to the russian troops rotation . A temporary advances are set to ending in disaster with more infrastructure destruction, heating, power grid and communications outages in europe,