Public health emergency exploitation


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7/7/2021, 4:05:11 AM

After the US elections had passed and new administration had settled comfortably behind barb wire fences in DC with record over 80 thousands deaths per week in comparison to 2020 average of 51-53k/week, since the November elections through January, the US FDA had decided in May 2021 that PCR testing for vaccinated and antibody tests SHOULDN'T be used to determine immunity or protection while cases and reinfections numbers among vaccinated rise and th CDC moves over 3000 cases every week or over 12000 deaths a months to unclassified mortality category compared to 500-600 a week through 2020. We expect to see increases in malignancies currently averaging 11k/week, cardiovascular 12-13k/week and cerebrovascular mortality categories 3200/week over 2-3 years aggravated by repeated use of mRNA via boosters at the backdrop of silencing addressing adequate pre existing cross reactive immunity from previous coronavirus infections with outright dismissal of population B and T cell immunity acquired post infection and lasting over lifetime in currently deployed public health strategies, lack of safety studies and short and long term mRNA platform risks. SARS-CoV-2 is already undergoing similar antigenic evolution, with the recent emergence of new viral lineages with reduced neutralization by antibodies elicited by vaccines. Growing reinfection cases, deaths and infection spread by and among vaccinated in Israel and the UK with over 60% vaccination rate where almost half of covid deaths are among vaccinated empirically prove low efficacy against new mutations emergence amplified by modified nucleosides and other mRNAvaccine components and confirm mRNA platform safety concerns as sarscov2 evolves to escape neutralizing antibody immunity elicited by vaccines that disrupt and weaken immune system and cell defense mechanisms leading to immunosuppression, alter gene expression and changes . Recent U of Washington studies show the neutralizing activity of mRNA-1273 vaccine-elicited antibodies appears more RBD-focused while infection-elicited antibodies have broader immune response coverage and comprehensive post infection non-RBD-binding antibodies role is ignored.. The sites where mutations affected binding of vaccine sera were broadly distributed across the RBD surface creating more opportunity for vaccine escape than from post infection leading to negligible vaccine efficacy against fast evolving virus. Convalescent plasmas are most affected by mutations at just a few key regions sites 456 and 484 but after exposure to new variants natural antibodies and long term memory B and T Cells formation provide faster natural immune response. The neutralizing activity due to RBD-binding antibodies was slightly higher for vaccine sera than for convalescent plasmas but ONLY statistically significant at the day 15–60 time point The vaccine sera neutralizing antibodies were more centrally located in the middle of the antibodies of all four classes. Among serious flaws in current public health response are lack of attention to non RBD binding antibodies, viral receptor independent cell entry, underestimated vaccine low efficacy against emergent new mutations, low post vaccine immune profile(think about the latest CDC antibody test ban) and dismissal of importance of cross reactive immunity protection in viral neutralization. Interaction between the virus and human T cells could be strengthened by some mutation mutations increasing virulence and cytotoxicity with larger loss of neutralization is something to watch for in the second half of 2021 and 2022 as it reduces ACE2 binding affinity. In case you wondered how a viral infection kills? Consider toxic shock. Data suggest that SARS-CoV-2 S may act as a superantigen to trigger the development of systemic inflammation, toxic shock as well as cytokine storm in adult COVID-19 patients mRNA Sarscov2 vaccines produce RBD focused antibodies while infection severity and spread are defined by other sites targeting platelets, white blood cells, immune system, CCR5 and T cells receptors(TCRs). SARS-CoV-2 spike harbors a high affinity site for MHC-II and TCR binding, unique to SARS2form a ternary complex with MHCII. Comparison to other β-CoV S sequences showed that SARS-CoV-2 S has an unique 4-residue insertion, PRRA, preceding the S1/S2 cleavage site R685-S686 peptide bond that carry similarities to superantigen neurotoxins. One of the most curious and dangerous motifs is th insertion PRRA together with seven sequentially preceding residues and succeeding R685 (conserved among β-CoVs) form a motif, Y674QTQTNSPRRAR685, homologous to those of neurotoxins from Ophiophagus (cobra) and Bungarus genera, as well as the neurotoxin-like regions from three RABV strains. A neurotoxin-like fragment at the RBD may also bind αβTCR thus further enhancing the immune response. It was noted in some studies the neurotoxin-like sequence T299-Y351 shows a high tendency to bind TCRs and potentially trigger cytotoxic and neurotoxic responses. This latter effect may be attenuated if the SARS-CoV-2-infected individual has been previously exposed to HCoVs..One of concerns remains in delayed hyperinflammatory response It was also shown despite a negative nasopharyngeal PCR test, the virus may still be present in the GI tract

While the government agencies and the mRNA manufacturers temporarily hold liability protection for experimental vaccine rollout, the public should hold governments the public officials, governmental agencies and numerous experts on with conflicts of interests and even more importantly its financiers, accountable for human rights violation, systemic fraud, data manipulation and misrepresentation of facts. The Covid19 Public health emergency exploitation facilitated by the congress, the treasury and the central banks, the Fed printing trillions for insolvent financial system with majority of covid relief funds over 4 trillions dollars ending up at the feds member banks reserves and a regime change with lockdowns and introduction of mail in ballot system. Incomplete, false, intentionally misleading statements and wrong policy decisions, take place daily since “pandemic scenario went live in 2019 as a logical extension of a decade long systemic fraud involving global lockdowns, mask mandates flip flops, reopening after the elections despite high and growing infection cases and deaths among vaccinated concealed with lack of testing or available treatment options, prohibiting antibody testing and misrepresentation of facts on infection spread by vaccinated and abuse of power .