On origins of the Ukraine war


World Affairs

5/25/2022, 10:10:58 PM

One of the major false narrative pushed by effective misinformation campaign about Russias aggression and its speculative westward expansion proposed by the western sources. Paying attention to details and Investigating origins and instigators behind the Ukrainian civil war highlight falsehoods propagated in the media in preparation for an attack on Russia that leads to mutual destruction.

the Minsk protocol failure was one of the main reasons for the 2022 operation in Donbass and was never intended to work since 2014-2015. https://twitter.com/futurenews2020/status/1520137797767622658?s=21&t=HOHwsMSmzqlWOuLUfng3hA The major reason and perhaps one of the good things trump did for his personal reasons ( in response to opposition in DC) is to postpone and stay out of the war while Ukraine had continued to shell& bomb Donbas( recollect the impeachment grounds in 2019 based on his call collecting more info on the democrats involvement in Ukraine).

In the meantime, the neonazi groups like Aidar, Azov, right sector had strengthened and thrived as the the US&NATO began training and supply Ukraine that banned speaking Russian, had intimidated its population, threaten to imprison for showing pro Russian views and killed more than 14 thousand civilians in eastern Ukraine over last 8 years mainly due to ABSENT Russia’s 🇷🇺 involvement in Donbas that dared to declare independence after the us led coup in Kiev in early 2014 under the Obama-Biden administration https://twitter.com/futurenews2020/status/1509194681086726144?s=21&t=HOHwsMSmzqlWOuLUfng3hA

Russia had recognized the Luhansk and Donestak people republics independence in February 2022 and accepted their invitation for military support to cease murders of civilian population by the Ukrainian troops.

After defeating the Ukrainian troops trained and funded by the US& NATO decorated in Nazi and satanic symbolism tattoos in Mariupol last weekend may 23 2022, the Russian troops continue to clear eastern Ukraine while almost half of only 40% remaining troops choose not to fight, surrender, on the run and refuse to follow “criminal orders from Kyiv” in their own words.

Does Putin have further western expansion in mind? A Short answer is no. Could he move his troops westwards? Unlikely but not impossible if Russia is attacked.

As of now, Ukraine is running out of troops capable and willing to fight leaving it to theUSUK& NATO. Polands Duda is already shaking on de facto annexation of western Ukraine with Zelensky this week as the polish troops are possibly entering Ukraine within days and at most weeks in June. Any attempts for a peace agreement would be very temporary with the UK, the UK, Ukraine and the NATO not accepting even idea of negotiations and escalating aggression leading to expansion of hot war and higher losses in the UK, Europe and the US.

Important to keep in mind, the Biden’s administration had indicated possibilities of preemptive strikes on Russia before the Russian operation in Donbas.

Video from Ukraine on fire by Igor Lopatonok discussing role of the Obama-Biden administration in the 2014 coup in Ukraine