No evidence of mortality reduction in Randomized controlled trials from the mRNA vaccine



4/23/2022, 8:41:56 AM

If you wondered last two years about good RCT for mRNA Covid vaccines and if you had been forced vaccines that work or don’t work (Pfizer/Moderna), The wait is over. You heard at first the vaccines are “97% efficacious, reduce transmission, severity of disease and mortality “…First, the breakthrough infections killed that dream. But the criminally imposed mandates by Antiscientific narrative builders didn’t give up at that point. The next claim was “ but it prevents Covid deaths”. The verdict is in and is not what your government and bunch of attorneys running the HHS, national security agencies, the WH and a few paid promoters who put every effort to falsify data told you past two years while owning the patents for the mRNA Covid vaccines since 2017.

The bottom line: There is no evidence of mortality reduction as Randomized controlled trials didn’t show all-cause mortality reduction from the mRNA vaccines

The danish study comparing mRNA and adenovirus based Covid vaccines is here. The results confirmed our long standing prognosis for mRNA vaccines.

Let’s put this study into context and then delve into the numbers.

Randomized controlled trials didn’t show all-cause mortality reduction from the mRNA vaccines (RR=1.03, 95%CI 0.63-1.71). For overall mortality, with 74,193 participants and 61 deaths (mRNA:31; placebo:30), the relative risk (RR) for the two mRNA vaccines compared with placebo was 1.03 (95% CI=0.63-1.71)

What does it mean in layman’s terms, For every 100 deaths among the unvaccinated, there are 103 deaths among the vaccinated with the mRNA vaccines, with a 95% confidence interval of 63 to 171 deaths.

For the mRNA vaccines, there was an increase in cardiovascular, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and other deaths. Every vaccine campaign in December 2020-February 2021 and November 2021-February 2022 were followed by sharp spike in excess fatalities, Covid and non Covid deaths in the US rising at least by 25-30 thousands excess deaths per week over noted periods. For proper vaccine evaluation, non-Covid deaths as well as duration of acquired immunity and long term adverse effects that were not investigated before mandating vaccines with over 256 million vaccinated just in the US should have been looked at. Instead, any long term studies were not conducted and any concerns were dismissed as conspiracy while hundreds of millions were forced in an experiment without informed consent.