New wave of Omicron – the BA.2 variant – is becoming dominant in many parts of the world



3/20/2022, 9:17:33 PM

As Omicron (BA.1) swept the world in late 2021, an Omicron BA.2 wave quickly followed becoming dominant in many parts of the world as cases are again on the rise.

Genomic surveys show that BA.2 made up 76 per cent of new cases in England as of 5 March

The omicron sub variants have spread globally due to discussed in march 2020 SARScov2 increased mutability due to mass vaccinations, antigenic drift /sarscov2 evolution and poly and monoclonal antibody treatments applying selective pressures on sarscov2 and BA.2’s shorter incubation time than BA.1.

Excess Covid fatalities reached 20k/week while total reached over 80k! Per week with pre 2021 averages 53-55k/week. in January February 2022 while the CDC had requested to stop reporting Covid hospital deaths from February 2022 at the peak of omicron and other variants Covid deaths in the US. Coinfections are very common among vaccinated due to mRNA vaccines low to nonexistent and short term protection against some variants like Omicron and mrna vaccines immunosuppressive qualities particularly with repeated exposure via boosters or infections. Delta is ~50% more virulent than Alpha, Omicron ~70% less than Delta. Despite Omicron is about as mild/severe as early 2020 SARSCoV2 and not more virulent than BA.1 mass immunosuppression is high particularly among older vaccinated and boosted population who find themselves now infected and are major contributors to omicron excess fatalities as in terms of protection against infection, populations with high rates of vaccination or prior infection remain essentially naive to it. At the same time repeated exposure to mrna vaccines affects B and T-cell maturation and production by your immune system.