New Covid wave probability is rising and other forecasts


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10/10/2021, 9:10:09 PM

As we know delta variant ran in waves over 2021. Temporary dip in covid cases after main delta variant wave swept through the globe was previously discussed this spring but mishandled by the governments and agencies . Our model still indicates high probability of Another super variant Covid-19 deadly wave comeback as cases and fatalities may continue to pile up from late October through November 11/4-12-14-19-12/18 and extending in the first spring of 2022 with more post vaccine with repeated exposure via boosters breakthrough cases and longer term adverse effects (immunodeficiencies, increased cancer, neurodegenerative and cardiovascular diseases

Risks of losses from storms, quakes, eruptions, landslides, floods 🌊, 🔥 and manmade disasters ( intentional supply chain disruption, labor shortages, industrial accidents, terror acts, military strikes) rise once again from 10/12-18-22 late October through November 11/4-12-14-19-12/18 affecting Eurasia, Russia, e Asia, Italy, the Us and with disruptive explosive 💥 global protests, political and social unrests in the EU , the US, UK, terror acts, 💥, shootings. Geopolitical climate deteriorating toward global war with military escalation, takeovers, increased risk of a global conflict from Q4 December -1H 2022, marine navy incidents involving aircraft carriers, submarines in the East and south China China sea 12/17-1/13, 12/14-17, Middle East, Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, Palestine, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Iran 🇮🇷 China may retaliate against AUKUS. The US, Australia is at risk from November 1/13-15 -2/3/22 along with Japan

Promise of more political drama in the Congress surrounding the US liquidity with Looming final debt ceiling non increase, social programs cuts, rising social unrest, strikes, significantly smaller big infrastructure deal and eventual no long term debt ceiling hike solution as indicated earlier bring the system to breaking point after two years of distraction of already failing system through 2010s.

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