Near record US weekly Covid excess fatalities



3/13/2022, 9:38:20 PM

It has been a while since we looked at the Covid excess deaths in the US. Check out quick walkthrough through the CDC fatalities statistics in attached video. The data, to say the least, is stunning in mounting losses now hidden due to
announced “end of “public health emergency”, restrictions and the CDC recommendation to stop mandatory Covid fatalities reporting by the US hospitals from early February 2022 at the peak of record losses in line with our forecasts from 2020-2021. Interestingly, Just today Barack Obama reported Covid infection praising vaccine efficacy…

Two years into pandemic and with 256 million of vaccinated and 100M boosted Americans with promoted by the public health officials as over 98% “effective and safe” predominantly mRNA Covid vaccines, the US weekly Covid cases and related deaths reached almost record 20thousands! Weekly covid deaths with delayed reporting.
in January February 2022 compared to 12-15k/ week for delta plus from late July-October. Total weekly deaths from all causes reached almost 80k/week or 20-25k excess deaths a week since the beginning of 2022 while pre 2020 weekly deaths averaged 53-57k/week.

overall excess fatalities toll in 2021 with widespread of mRNA vaccines averaged 500k and had doubled the 2020 Covid fatalities and now predominantly in vaccinated with omicron and recombinant Delta omicron variants.

20k fatalities a week are on par to record weekly deaths in December 2020 -January 2021 when the first batch of mRNA vaccines became available in December 2020.

We wrote extensively about mRNA vaccine safety, gene expression regulation, cellular mechanisms disruptions, immunosuppression risks and low efficacy through 2020 and expected another new variant emergence and deadly wave from the second half of 2021 extending in 2022 as vaccine are not safe or effective against new variants and contribute to new variant emergence.