mRNA vaccines risks are under investigation


World Affairs

5/8/2021, 10:50:48 PM

While the US Department of Defense is investigating cases of heart inflammation or myocarditis among people who were vaccinated through the military’s health services and Israel’s Health Ministry said it examined tens of cases of heart inflammation among those who had received Pfizer’s vaccine, the EMA’s safety committee (PRAC) reviewed a number of safety signals related to COVID-19 vaccines as cases of myocarditis after mRNA vaccines use are reported. PRAC assessing reports of myocarditis with Comirnaty and COVID-19 Vaccine Moderna.

Myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) and pericarditis(inflammation of the membrane around the heart) mainly reported following vaccination with Comirnaty. PRAC has requested the marketing authorisation holder to provide further detailed data, including an analysis of the events according to age and gender, in the context of the next pandemic summary safety report and will consider if any other regulatory action is needed. the PRAC has requested the marketing authorisation holder for COVID-19 Vaccine Moderna to monitor similar cases with their vaccine as well and to also provide a detailed analysis of the events in the context of the next pandemic summary safety report.

Pfizer responded in a statement:

Pfizer and BioNTech are supporting PRAC on the review of myocarditis. As the PRAC notes, there is no indication at this time that these cases are due to the vaccine. Adverse events are regularly and thoroughly reviewed and we have not observed a higher rate of myocarditis than what would be expected in the general population. There is no evidence at this time to conclude that myocarditis is a risk associated with the use of Pfizer/BNT COVID-19 vaccine. More than 450 million doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine have been administered globally as of May 6. Serious adverse events unrelated to, but close in timing to vaccination, are expected to occur at a similar rate in vaccinated individuals as they would in the overall population. With a vast number of people vaccinated to date, the benefit risk profile of our vaccine”

It comes down to your health and future where long term risks may very well overweigh often low efficacy short durability vaccine benefits for majority due to Sarscov2 Mutability and adaptability. Less than 1% of population get severe disease or need a vaccine. Less than 1% predominantly over 60 year at risk population may briefly benefit from vaccines while new variants that cause most of the damage evade vaccines due to Sarscov2 mutability with vaccines always staying behind the Sarscov2 mutations and adaptations. Healthy younger individuals immune system is capable of fighting severe disease while vaccine poses long term health risks for those who don't benefit from vaccine. It Is not unusual for vaccine makers, governments and agencies to deny vaccine risks. When hundreds of billions in annual profits are on the line, trillions to be printed as a “covid relief” and wars to get started amidst insolvency, near 30 trillion of US national debt, systemic failure before the covid with enormous leverage in the system and trillions in deficits accumulated over last 15 years and keep coming, rising number of blood clots, embolism, platelet based bleeding disorders, myocarditis cases at the backdrop of sharp rise after vaccination began in December in unspecified deaths with over 3000 a week in the US! clotting, embolism and thrombocytopenia(low platelet count) leading to internal bleeding observed after mRNA vaccinations just swept under the rug.

Just Over $50B annual revenue by Pfizer alone is a pocket change compared to trillions printed under cover of covid support and geopolitical leverage over variety of states by the US where vaccines makers like moderna just play their role in the system while their investors and backers including the NIH and NIAID enjoy returns. Noted adverse events(clotting/embolism, platelet issues with cytotoxic effects on myocardium were outlined among immediate risks last year but never addressed by the medical community, FDA, Moderna or Pfizer. Larger scale long term cumulative effects are to unfold over decade. Next systems to be shown to be affected due to repeated use of viral mrna via booster shots are immune system via immunosupression, cell metabolism disruption, gene expression regulation, central nervous system, neurodegenerative diseases, hematological malignancies/cancers that may take longer to show up in clinical picture over next 2-3 years.… After first wave of adverse effects affecting platelets, cns, immune system,Repeated exogenous viral mRNA&modified nucleosides exposure poses additional cytotoxic(myocardium,cns, blood& immune system cells) risks w/24-36m delay in potential cell differentiation disruption