June 2021


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The geopolitical and socioeconomic situation is expected to deteriorate in the next few years with high potential for an open kinetic global conflict involving major players such as China the US Russia the EU by 2025 at the backdrop of persistent systemic insolvency, defaults. The economic and fiscal outlooks are expected to remain bleak and deteriorate over next 12 months as well despite printed trillions poured to the banking system reserves that continue to leveraging the system, robbing the population, creating deeper wealth gap and bringing it closer to pending collapse.

Near term, destabilization increases this summer with unfortunately continuing military conflicts, terror attacks, strikes near Russia, Belarus, Donbas, Ukraine, in the Middle East, Israel, Hamas, Palestine, Turkey,Syria and SE Asia, India, Taiwan, with more losses in June July we noted earlier in April on @unmuteit on Twitter.

The Putin-Biden Geneva meeting on June 16 is expected to lead up to more confrontation via proxies at first near term and possibly spreading through next 12-18 mo the as finding agreement to engineered and provoked by the western interests crisis in Belarus, Poland , Lithuania, Ukraine and Russia with provocations, coups, false flag events, 💣💥proxy wars at noted above regions, in the Middle East, Ukraine, near the Russian western and southern borders , Eastern Europe via Belarus and the US from now on. wide military escalation with more decisive conflict in the second half of 2021 with buildup over October November December into next spring 2022.

Global protests and terrorism are anticipated to rise in the first half of July 7/1-15 and continue to strengthen in q4.

The Sarscov2 epidemic’s next variant wave is expected to grow globally in the 2H 2021 with stronger return this fall from September 2021 intensifying in the Q4 in October November December and q1-2 2022 in the US as b1617.2 is already spreading in Europe, the US and the rest of the world due to reopening of borders. The Covid-19 vaccination immunity is not expected to last and protect majority of vaccinated, provides false sense of security while creating near term adverse affects resulting in fatalities concealed as unspecified category in the CDC death statistics that sharply spiked since the vaccines got introduced in December from 500-600 a week cases in the US through 2020 until December to over 3000-3500 every week and long term health risks associated with mRNA vaccine induced genome instability, immunosuppresision, disruption of normal cellular and immune defense mechanisms leading to coagulation disorders including clotting and thromboembolism , chronic inflammation, increased risks of hematologic cancers, neurodegenerative diseases and inflammatory processes in myocardium due to mRNA accumulation and cytotoxic effects in noted organ systems we noted in 2020 including central nervous system, blood, immune system.

Cyberattacks, communication systems failures and disruptions, continue 6/1-16 with rising risks for tornadoes, storms, more shootings, plane ✈️ accidents crashes⬆️ 💥explosion, 🌋 eruptions and quakes in the Us, Central America, Asia,China,more 💣💥 rise into June 6/8-14

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