July & second half of 2021


Future Files

6/12/2021, 6:33:31 PM

Overall destabilization increases in the second half of 2021. Cyberattacks, communication systems outages failures and disruptions continue 6/30-7/5-12 solar and geomagnetic storms⬆️ Destruction intensity with fatalities &losses risks for deadly 💣💥explosions 🔥 fires, ✈️ Transportation crashes, Potential chemical, bio and even nuclear munition incidents in Europe, e Europe se Asia, near China, quakes significantly rise in the first half of July . Political turmoil with leadership changes in the us& Europe, Middle East, Israel, Iran, Palestine, including coups attempts in e Europe, Belarus. Geopolitical & financial warfare conflict grows with retaliatory measures between major global players taking place with further destabilization in august & this fall. Vaccine failures with more adverse effects data along with evading Sarscov2 variants& associated with it losses are gaining momentum in the second half 2021 from this July into fall as well. Asymmetric warfare and proxy conflicts in Ukraine Donbas SE Asia Middle East dominate until Q4 but build up to domestic and international global conflict as war sentiment spills in direct conflicts from this fall into even more destructive high loss 1H of 2022