Jodie Foster on her role in the Mauritanian in exclusive interview with Tines of India



4/1/2021, 5:18:50 AM

Foster spoke about her latest character Nancy Hollander, a feisty lawyer fighting the case of Guantanamo Bay prisoner Mohamedou Ould Salahi, in filmmaker Kevin Macdonald’s upcoming feature film on the aftermath of 9/11, titled The Mauritanian

You often choose movies that advocate a subject that reveal uneasy truths. In that case, you know, your country has been really going through a lot of changes politically, especially the last couple of months. Have you feel about releasing this movie about this subject matter at this time? Yes, I think it's really relevant. This film is kind of a love letter to the rule of law and to the Constitution, and the institutions of democracy that that keep us from going off into revenge and into emotions. And, you know, letting those emotions take the best of us. And in this case, that's what happened to the government, you know, they, it's the experience of fear and terror surrounding 911. And the fear that there would be another 911 or another attack allowed them to become revenge seeking bullies, and throw the law in the window. So yes, I think it's really relevant for this time. And also, sometimes it takes 20 years to be able to look back on dark part parts of the history and say, you know, what happened? How did we get there? And how can we do better? And what parts of society were we ignoring? It's important to do that process of truth and reconciliation, whether it's about the Jim Crow Laws or Japanese internment camps in America after the during the Second World War. We have to look at our dark parts.