Higher covid death count in the US in 10 months in 2021 with 80% of adult population vaccinated



11/7/2021, 10:26:31 AM

Its time to review covid excess and unspecified deaths in the US stats in light of delta&delta+ & high vaccination rates. There are already 450k covid related deaths or 120k more covid deaths in the US in 10 months of 2021 compared to 330k deaths in 2020 with over 222million vaccinated and high probability of sustained high covid death rates into the year end that may reach 600k in 2021. The unspecified deaths remain elevated at over 3500/ week& ⬇️

There is not much surprise as our models indicated a surge from July due to waning immunity, vaccine failure, its short durability & low efficacy https://twitter.com/unmuteit/status/1386881057157357574?s=21 https://twitter.com/futurenews2020/status/1288185490772856832?s=21 exactly as expected after a brief dip in may June to 1500-2000/ week.

Note the dip in covid deaths this summer was regardless vaccination status with “ unexpected” by officials surge from July.

The US covid deaths surged 7 fold up to 14-15k/week by august September and became number 1 cause of death with over 200million vaccinated demolishing exclusive unvaccinated deaths thesis. This trend unfortunately is expected to continue with growing number of vaccinated post boosters having potential adverse events, coagulation issues, cerebro and cardiovascular events, strokes, embolism, peri and myocarditis, metabolic, neurological and haematological disorders&malignancies as well as rising risk of autoimmune diseases and immunodeficiency. the CDC doesn’t categorise or display all deaths data among vaccinated truthfully and transparently while Transmission by vaccinated was proven to be the case destroying another excuse for vaccine mandates along with unscientific non acknowledgement and denial of more durable and more comprehensive natural post infection immunity https://twitter.com/futurenews2020/status/1454132762441441286?s=21 as outlined last December https://twitter.com/futurenews2020/status/1429171538163470336?s=21