Happy 2023


Future Files

1/5/2023, 10:53:26 AM

If you expect a peaceful cruise through 2023 you could be disappointed. But Its always fine to rest and sleep through it all.

  1. Lets start from the end. The US, UK, NATO and its proxy Kyiv will lose a war in Ukraine started in 2014 with the US state department coup in Kyiv overthrowing duly elected president and its government. 2. You can say goodbye to DC sweetheart Zelensky this spring summer 2023 despite hundreds of billions thrown in Kyiv support with activation of the NATO
  2. War in Europe moves to next stage and expands to the NATO block, the UK this summer from mid march 3/11-15 march-4/6-20/ 2023 via Syria, Greece, Internal NATO Conflict involving turkey, Greece, Poland, Romania, Germany, France, the UK, the US. Elections disruptions & Strikes vs turkey & its energy hub ambitions, spillovers from Ukraine to Belarus, Russia borders after strikes on Russia and Belarus will be met with novel weapons retaliation from April-june 4/1-6/20-5/15-19-6/1-15-22 into fall.
  3. Simultaneously, global Credit crisis deepens from june 2023 with systemic financial paralysis
  4. If you didn't fall asleep yet, don't forget good odds of the WH failure , impeachment, the Biden administration impeachment/dissolution this spring

Happy 2023