GENE stability is at risk


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5/23/2021, 9:45:41 PM

In the face of mass vaccination on the premise of pandemic, it is important to emphasise not only political and legal aspects of forced mass vaccination under emergency authroization use with insufficient data but a major long term concern associated with mRNA platform abuse via its concealed impact on gene regulation and noted in 2020 in our posts but not throughly evaluated immediate and long term immunosuppressive and cytotoxic effects on blood cells, central nervous system, myocardium that may take up to 36 months to develop and lead to cell death, manifesting in clotting, thrombosis , embolism and coagulation disorders, immune disorders, consequential tissue and organ failures, malignancies, neurodegenerative diseases and metabolic disorders. As previously noted, as mRNA repeated exposure via boosters is now suggested due to Sarscov2 adaptability and mutability securing viral escape, as often as every 6-9 months and in its turn increases GENOME iINSTABILITY risks.

New studies show that naturally produced antibodies important in more comprehensive viral infections protection addressing additional viral proteins are getting wiped out after mRNA vaccinations.

The s spike protein either in mRNA instructions form or already s spike itself are used in all vaccines. Delivery methods including modified nucleosides and liponanoparticles add risks with MRNA platform with noted cell mechanisms confusion and disruption and gene expression regulation.

Interestingly, gene regulation was among proposals over last two decades with more work and possibilities for manipulation now open in the last 5 years with advances in CRISPR and mRNA technology and research. Respiratory virus epidemic including flu CSV were discussed to be used for MASS vaccination programs introduction targeting so called VMAT2 gene implicated in to authorities, behaviours based in faith, strong mystic beliefs.

To simplify, using repeated mRNA vaccination programs opens up possibilities for using different type of gene silencers/siRNA leading to gene silencing or amplification. This is of course presented as a potential route for treatment of variety of diseases but a misuse is a real threat of overall gene instability and selective gene regulation. Another risk associated with Lipid nanoparticles, modified nucleosides used in MRNA vaccines that ⬆️permeability of the blood brain 🧠 barrier allowing variety of marcormolecules&viruses compromising defense systems entering central nervous system where normally they would not be able to have access to.

in case of VMAT2 gene it would be neurotransmitters synthesis suppression manifesting in similar to meth/cocaine type of effects.

Once again, we need to look more closely at mass vaccination programs mRNA gene regulation abuse and destabilizing aspects under guise of pandemic.