Gain of function ban removal is still in place allowing generation of highly pathogenic agents



3/29/2023, 12:54:43 AM

The Obama -biden’s WH last thing before leaving the white house in 2017 was securing continuation of funding and creating highly transmissible and virulent SARS coronavirus pathogens via gain of function ban removal from early 2017.

The obama-biden administration, the DHS, HHS, NSABB, FDA, CDC, the US state department were aware of risks involving creation of the highly transmissible virulent pathogens, ⬆️mortality &immunopathologies associated with coronavirus vaccines use explained to them in 2014. In response, the US government instantly acquired noted coronavirus vaccines IP in 2015-2016 and subsequently mandates coronavirus vaccines in 2021.

alpha 4/1/2023, 8:19:35 PM

Image is from the NSABB meeting in May 2017 re policies surrounding dual use research