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Future Files

7/16/2021, 12:34:50 AM

Our July forecast can be found here A few major issues are pushing the system over the tipping point involving leadership failure, election integrity issue comeback, system insolvency, global revolts and protests against public suppression strategies leading to eventual systemic failure and a global war from now in the next few years. Next largest global Sarscov2 wave intensifies with vaccine failures and adverse effects as anticipated from now on in the second half of 2021 https://twitter.com/unmuteit/status/1412827072674762752?s=21, https://twitter.com/unmuteit/status/1386622986766077954?s=21 as further political Destabilisation and revolts are gaining momentum this fall around the world from South Africa, Cuba, Haiti to France to Brazil, reaching North America, global supply chain disruption, rising price levels.

Outlined in 2020 vaccine failure due to antigenic drift, new mutations https://twitter.com/futurenews2020/status/1257839113538953217?s=21 stimulated by vaccine and its components, more post vaccine complications and adverse effects including noted last year https://twitter.com/futurenews2020/status/1356892880627929088?s=21 increased incidence for coagulation disorders, clotting, embolism, cardiovascular , mitochondrial, metabolic, blood and immune system cells disorders due to cytotoxic effects, CNS pathology, rise in malignancies, neurodegenerative diseases accumulating over next 2-3 years are expected to play major role in further economic weakening next 12 months fought by oppressive regimes with more restrictions, illegal vaccine mandates while the central banks are losing ability to print to cover multi trillion dollar deficits losing narrative and power, as vaccine mandates protests are expected to intensify in the second half of 2021 culminating next 12 months. Proposed boosters and vaccines full approval for ineffective and unnecessary vaccine for large part of population due to post infection comprehensive immunity and dismissal of natural immunity and vaccines low efficacy and adverse effects will only exacerbate noted vaccine related complications https://twitter.com/futurenews2020/status/1335133572890431488?s=21 and public response. https://twitter.com/unmuteit/status/1414845577045495809?s=21

Industrial chemical accidents, plane crashes Terror acts, debt crisis, next deadliest Covid19 wave, growing protests, military conflicts reaching critical mass from now 7/19-27 8/1-8, this fall 8/30-9/5-17-22-26 possible deadly quakes, economic crisis through December into 2022.

symmetric warfare and proxy conflicts in Easter Europe Ukraine Donbas, caucus, SE Asia, Middle East, Iraq dominate until Q4 but build up to domestic and international global conflict as war sentiment spills in direct conflicts into even more destructive high loss 1H of 2022 https://unmuteit.com/articles/sarscov2-never-sleeps