Dungeons and Dragons: How To Play in 5 Steps



5/24/2021, 1:11:39 AM

Dungeons and Dragons is a tabletop roleplaying game or RPG. In this game there is a dungeon master (DM) who is charge of creating interesting environments for the players to interact with in a fantastical world of your imagination.

The game is very fun but some people wonder how do I play the thing. I will be giving a 5 step guide on how to get started playing this wonderful game.

1. Find Some Friends to Play With

The first thing one would want to do is to find some friends. I personally like to play games in person but some may prefer the internet. There are many players on the online community so it should be easy to find some one to play with. A recommended group size should be about five players.

2. Decide on a Time to Play

The most frustrating part of DND is finding a time to play. The best way to do this is to try to decide on a day that everyone is free to play a game and can set aside the time for.

3. Have a Session Zero

This is arguable the most important step in this article (other than playing of course :) ). Having a Session Zero can greatly affect how your game will turn out. Here you can establish rules for play and what is expected of everyone plus any homebrew rules that the DM may use.

4. Create an Adventure (DMs) / Create Your Character (Players)

If you are the DM I would highly recommend creating a adventure for your group because you have an idea what would be appealing to them and what is interesting to you. However, if you don't have time there are plenty of adventure modules which are prewritten adventure hooks for your players.

If you are a player this step will be different for you because you will now need to make a character. This can be done fairly easily if you look at the player's handbook or use the basic rules which are available online for free. You can come up with epic and tragic backstories for your characters but make sure to run it by your DM first to see if that character would fit the campaign the DM had envisioned. So no Evil Death Knights meant to kill all is good if your party is full of Lawful Good people.

5. Play The Game

Once that is all dealt with you are ready to embrace the exciting world of DND. I hope this article is some what useful to all you and I'd love to hear about your DND experiences in the comments. Good luck, adventurers! The Basic Rules

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