Dispelling false narrative about unvaccinated



9/9/2021, 6:09:28 AM

Overwhelming majority or over 90% of very few remaining unvaccinated adult Americans already have post infection protection with over 40million confirmed and treated covid cases and millions who didn’t seek testing or treatment but who carry more comprehensive post infection protection.

1.Excess US COVID-19 related deaths average around 8-15k/mo in 2021 and are ALREADY HIGHER than the 2020 total with over 340k deaths in 2021 as of September 8 2021despite 206 millions vaccinated Americans.

  1. COVID-19 related death risk is extremely age sensitive with non age adjusted average .1%.

  2. 99% of the Us population are not at risk of severe disease Risk of severe infection is higher for less than .5% of the US population with underlying conditions and over 50 year old with very few unvaccinated in this group.

  3. New converging mutations due to positive selective pressure factors such as vaccinations and rising Sarscov2 peak fitness continue to present equal if not higher risk for vaccinated vs unvaccinated.

Compared with 18- to 29-year-olds, the rate of death is 4 times higher in 30- to 39-year-olds, and 600 times higher in those who are 85 years and

Politically fueled mass hysteria by the elites to control the public and justify annual trillions in “rescue” stimulus to otherwise insolvent financially unsound system running multi trillion dollar deficits over last decade is the only remaining option to prolong inevitable collapse. The same people had added over $20trillion to the national debt over last 15 years and are now pushing inappropriately distorted data and vaccine agenda on scared uneducated public. As expected in 2020 and now proven with short lived waning immunity boosters are proposed every 5-6 months as vaccines have low efficacy, short duration and contribute to viral peak fitnessand emergence of new more virulent mutation and variants. The choice is yours.