Delilah Hamlin shares her struggles post vaccine on Instagram



11/14/2021, 7:13:19 PM

Recently, Model Delilah Hamlin opened up on Instagram about her struggles post vaccine with new and older autoimmune diseases flare up. We can only thank her for being brave to speak up on this sensitive subject, as vaccine related complications is something that remains hidden out of sight while so many get injured and suffer in silence due to complications post vaccines unrecognised by the authorities. Listen to her full story on Instagram. Dr Kheriaty who is currently on leave from UC Irvine due to vaccine mandates posted yesterday “Hospitals are filled with the vaccinated. And nobody is explaining what is wrong with them. It’s not Covid, for the most part

As we discussed and warned last year potential long term effects and risks of covid vaccines, autoimmune disorders stood out among risks. Unfortunately, our concerns came true with growing number of post vaccine injuries. The uniform vaccine mandates on a product still under emergency use authorization is illegal and harmed thousands now suffering and silenced. as predominantly denied exemptions and a Myriad of rules and burdens of losing ability to work or study are applied to anyone who has natural immunity by the CDC admission now near 150million people had COVID-19 and are illegally required to prove that they have it AND get vaccinated regardless of the more durable comprehensive natural immunity.