DARPA budget request seeks to bolster ‘critical’ defense technologies



4/30/2022, 4:45:26 PM

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s $4.1 billion request for fiscal 2023 prioritizes technologies “critical” for the Pentagon, including microelectronics, biotechnology and artificial intelligence, budget documents show.883 million ask for microelectronics, $414 million for biotech programs and $412 million for AI efforts.

DARPA’s Gene Editor Enabled Diagnostics and Biosurveillance program is exploring fieldable, low-cost capabilities to detect biological threats for the military and for broader public health needs. The fiscal 2023 request includes $18.9 million for the effort.Other top investment areas in DARPA’s request include $184 million for cyber, $143 million for hypersonic technology, $90 million for quantum and $82 million for space