Covid fatalities on par to June 2020 with increase in unspecified deaths



6/27/2021, 3:59:53 AM

We hear great news about significant decline in covid cases and deaths. Let’s take a look at data. the reality is the covid fatalities Are AT THE SAME LEVELS AS June 2020... 3500/ covid related deaths in June 2020& 3500 in June 2021. Strong Seasonal covid pattern is in play with warmer weather decline in cases and fatalities. Per CDC, vaccinated are not tested despite rise in breakthrough infections and deaths among vaccinated.

What is different in 2021? An increase ⬆️In The unspecified deaths that spiked 6 folds from 570-600fatalities per week all 2020 to over 3000 /week or 10000! per month excess “unexplained” deaths in 2021 after moderna and Pfizer mRNA vaccines got introduced. In fact, as noted in our post a few weeks ago, these unspecified unexplained excess death overtook official covid count at this point. Take a look through the most recent CDC mortality dataset 6/26/2021 quick video tour

alpha 7/2/2021, 6:11:29 PM