Covid deaths are likely to double the 2020 fatalities numbers in 2021


World Affairs

5/1/2021, 4:40:40 PM

As you see images of makeshift crematoriums in India, let's keep in mind never talked about rapid acceleration in Covid deaths in the US over last 5 months since Biden's election with over 4000-5000 deaths a week in December, January and February.

As of April 30, Current covid US related deaths count stands at 575k with over 200k Covid related fatalities in the US in just 4 months in 2021. We are on the path to overtake US deaths in 2020 in half the time by JULY 2021 and are projected to at least double the 2020 US covid related deaths to 500-600k in 2021 despite masking and over 100 million vaccinated or perhaps due to noted measures due to new wave in the 2H 2021.

At the moment, seasonality with warmer temperatures play in favor of decrease in overall covid cases and deaths in the US along with temporary short lived increase in natural and vaccine induced immunity that will wear out by this fall.

New variants and mutations along with sharp spike in unspecified symptoms deaths averaging over 3000/ week since vaccinations rollout in the US with short, diminished in efficacy, shorter 60-90 day protection and variety of adverse effects (involving platelet pathology, idiopathic thrombocytopenia, clotting, embolism, cytotoxic effects on central nervous system, myocardium, immune system and blood cells we outlined last year among long term risks and concealed and not discussed associated with Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines will continue to present a challenge. After the Clotting cases noted only for JNJ and AstraZeneca vaccines caused a pause for its safety review or stopped its use , Moderna and Pfizer post vaccination fatality cases despite higher incidence of deaths and adverse effects are ignored.

As noted new mutations are likely to evade quickly fading developed natural infection or vaccine induced immunity with potential spread of B1617 variant from India and other new variants around the world next 12 months