Cases keep rising in Israel after mRNA vaccines boosters



9/2/2021, 8:37:37 PM

With 60% fully vaccinated and 25% received 3rd dose Israel Covid cases rise with16K new cases, biggest increase on record. Approving boosters can give it another surge to the Us Covid numbers

Official Sarscov2 infections in the US is ~10% or 35M, unofficial at least additional 20%, vaccine coverage for US adults ~80% 203M are vaccinated, only 65-70M kids left with negligible fatality risks

Covid-19 fatalities, cases and hospitalizations due to sarscov2 variants rising peak fitness and viral escape will continue to rise globally and the US in Q4 2021 in October -December. A few more deadly #sarscov2 variants are also expected to emerge in the 2H 2021&1H 2022 along with clear accumulation of significant mRNA vaccines adverse effects data