Brief risks overview for next few weeks:&Q4 2021


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9/14/2021, 8:49:12 PM

Brief overview for next few weeks:

Biden to deliver first UN General Assembly speech as president on Sept. 21 The FOMC is next week 9/22 with taper news. Deadly covid delta plus/mu& new variant emergence continues to grow momentum in Q4 2021. Unnecessary risky low efficacy against new variants mRNA Vaccine booster rollout with general vaccine failure and next wave of adverse cytotoxic effects, immunodeficiency, cell mechanisms disruptions potentially leading to neurodegenerative diseases, cancers, mentabolic and coagulation disorders expression regulation and genome destabilization begins next week Global Protests are strengthening around the world more so from December into 1Q22 after high losses this fall 9/29-10/5 10/23–November 11/13

Both China and the Us are on the verge of defaults Among possibilities for military escalation in the South China Sea 🇹🇼 Taiwan takeover risk rise from Sept 26-27. Terror acts, incidents, strikes 💣💥are possible as soon as 9/17-20 more likely associated with the Middle East, Lebanon Syria Israel Afganistan, Pakistan this weekend 9/17-20 Japan to start largest military drills in 28 years with over 100,00 troops on Wednesday and will last till the end of November. The aim of the big military drill is to strengthen Japan's military preparedness while piling pressure on China. Deadly quakes, shootings, terror acts, war high risks 9/26-10/1-8

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