Best of Robert Malone on the Joe Rogan experience podcast



1/1/2022, 7:18:27 AM

A few impressions while Listening to Robert Malone on Joe Rogan show now, he is correct about the CDC and the FDA data manipulation, illegality of vaccine mandates discussed at lengths over a year . Unfortunately, he hasn’t fully perceived fully carefully concealed multilayered complex reasons behind the Sarscov2 emergence and vaccine mandates and certain mechanisms behind S spike mechanism of action

What’s discrediting to some degree is that he got vaccinated post infection and was not aware of adverse effects risks we discussed before mass vaccination began last December

Overall, it was better than expected. Short message to Rogan. The monoclonals indeed don’t work with omicron and the main reason to cancel its use was due to its cost. Monoclonals also contributed to Sarscov2 mutability and subsequently omicron emergence.