August second half and this fall


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8/15/2021, 4:20:42 AM

Deadly military escalation risks in at first Middle East/Afghanistan followed by the south s China sea, e Europe/Ukraine /Belarus Russian borders are rising over next 12 months,

terror acts, shooting 💥deadly quakes risks on the US west coast, China are rising this fall from next week 8/20-23-31-9/8-10-16 9/26-29 shifting more to Europe this fall

the taliban offensive had began in May but expanded in the 2H 21. It should fade by October but next phase of more serious conflicts between the nato/ us near the former Soviet Union republics borders&vs China near the South China Sea/Taiwan May begin from 8/23-9/26-10/3-this fall

alpha 8/19/2021, 5:03:52 PM

The Afghan situation may deteriorate further with additional losses from 8/23–27-30 with expanding middle Easter conflict&terror acts into September in Israel, Lebanon. China remains in focus in September October with potential credit markets failures spreading in the world & very weak the feds position with taper necessity